Why Add Carson to ButterflyMX?

Intercom systems are an easy way for visitors to communicate with tenants. But they’re not a reliable solution for package deliveries and secure access.  We’d like to introduce you to Carson, a 24-hour remote doorman service and mobile app which integrates with a series of leading IP intercoms - so you're not forced to change your building hardware again.  With Carson, you can streamline building access and:

  • Please your tenants with guaranteed package delivery

  • Tighten up security by getting rid of lockboxes, intercoms, and QR codes

  • Get notified in real-time about visitors, vendors, and who has distributed keys to your building

  • Simplify your buildings hardware and software by rolling out one integrated app for the building

One Mobile App​

Video Intercom Calls

By not using a remote doorman service, tenants may miss package deliveries, which is frustrating.  

Contact us to learn how Carson can bring your building to the 21st century!

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