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Benefits for

​Carson provides The One-App Resident Experience   and 24/7 remote doorman, with all the services and information needed for a resident in a non-doorman multifamily property, ensuring a significantly enhanced lifestyle. ​

On-Time Deliveries

No more dreaded Fedex/UPS/USPS "unable to deliver" stickers left on the door by couriers. Through our 24/7 remote doorman service connected to your front doors, Carson ensures that residents' deliveries will always safely enter the building, followed by an instant notification on the app. As online shopping and package volumes increase, this issue has become a major problem for residents living in non-staffed properties.


Electronic Keys

Residents and your staff can use the Carson app as an electronic key to remotely open common doors and apartment doors for themselves or authorized visitors, as well as their electronic locks at their apartment doors. With management's permission, they can allocate temporary electronic keys to their repeat guests such as housekeepers. Access is automatically synched with property management systems such as Yardi, so you don't need to worry about residents that have moved out months ago still able to access your properties.

No more metal keys! All access is managed and tracked via Carson.


Instant Communication &


Carson ensures that property related communications and payments flow smoothly between residents and management. The app allows residents to pay rent or common charges with a single-sign on experience through your existing providers such as ClickPay and Aptexx. Residents can receive announcements, message staff, and submit service requests and track their progress. Online service requests with good response times have proven to be an important driver for resident satisfaction rates.

Benefits for

Through streamlined and more visible operations, better communication, and more satisfied residents. See a case study of a quick lease-up using Carson. 
Instant communication

Instant communication between staff and residents through the app, for service requests, announcements and one on one messaging. Always know where your roaming field staff are with Carson's geo-location services

Streamlined Operations

Better visibility and control of property operations. The management app and web interface provide a dashboard displaying pending and completed service requests, location and response times of staff, visitors and delivery logs, and access to 24/7 recording of HD cameras on the Carson Panel at the front door and any other integrated camera.

Easy Access Control

Simplify managing access to common doors: since the app (and an optional accompanying FOB) serves as an electronic key, adding or removing residents from Carson which has a resident sync with your property management/accounting system provisions access control to the property. Management can also allow residents to provide access to their repeat guests through the app. Eliminate metal keys and prevent illegal subletting!

More Online Payments

Higher adoption of online payments through app usage.


Residents will only need one app for all services. Less headache for you to provide the best service while managing the least number of software and hardware vendors. Carson integrates with your existing property management and payment systems such as Yardi, Clickpay and Aptexx. Resident move-in and move-outs are synched seamlessly.

Live Cam View & Integrated Intercom

From the Carson app, residents and staff can view any integrated live camera, including the front door., and even receive integrated intercom calls. Truly a One-App Experience.

Satisfied Residents

More satisfied residents drive better staff efficiency, higher resident retention, and ultimately more value per apartment.

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